From the very beginning, Académie Scientifique de Beauté has marked cosmetics history thanks to its power of innovation, its excellence, its unique and specific skincare approach thus showing that our company has always been willing to create proximity between the beautician and the consumer.

Acade’mie Scientifique de Beaute’ products were, at that time, distributed in all French Counters worldwide-Chandernagor in Eastern-Bengal, Pondicherry in South-East India, Saigon in former French Indochina-.
Furthermore, this French luxurious brand was distributed in deposits and branch offices in London, Berlin, Brussels, San Sebastian, Torino, Stockholm, Prague, Warsaw, Zagreb, Belgrade, The Hague, Geneva, Vienna, and for the most exotic – with the spelling of the time – in Istanboul, Beyrouth, Alexandria, Hanoi, Shangai, Kharbine, Bombay, Montréal, Buenos Ayres, Constantinople, Tokio, Santiago de Chile and Rio de Janeiro.
Recognition of its astonishing formulations was already almost universal. Nowadays, we are represented in 67 countries around the world.